Fine anno

L’annuale classifica delle canzoni che ho ascoltato di più sui miei computer e iPod.

The Lucky One, Au Revoir Simone, 31

Mozart’s In Mannheim, The Tiger Lillies, 29

I Can’t Sleep, Willy Mason, 28

Positively 4th Street, Bryan Ferry, 27

About When We Met, Dakota Suite, 26

To & Fro, Mattafix, 26

A Few Words In Defense of Our Country, Randy Newman, 25

In Our Bedroom After the War, Stars, 25

The Black and the White, Alternate Routes, 24

Everytime, Glen Hansard, 23

Clumsy (ft. Michael Stipe), Stephane Pompougnac, 23

Just Another Loser, The Tiger Lillies, 21

Place Yourself, Field Music, 20

Sleeping, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, 19

A Case of You, Prince, 19

#9 Dream, R.E.M., 19

You Had Time, Ani DiFranco, 17

Untouchable Face, Ani DiFranco, 17

God Only Knows, Joe Henry, 17

Fake Empire, The National, 17

(qui il 2006, il 2005 e il 2004)

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