Leggere Kindle a Teheran

Secondo Newsweek la diplomazia internazionale deve lavorare di più con la rete e le nuove tecnologie.

American tech firms, by pursuing their commercial interests, have created a global communications infrastructure. The Kindle, Amazon’s reading device for books and periodicals, could easily make censorship obsolete, yet it’s unavailable in any country but the United States. Distributing Kindles to the four corners of the world would not only be a good gesture from Amazon, it would also help promote free speech. Kindle could end an era when visiting foreigners have to smuggle samizdat books in and out of authoritarian countries. It is a dream device for dissidents, all for $299.
Now that Kindle books can also be read on iPhones, thanks to Amazon’s recent deal with Apple, the potential to help dissidents is even greater. But American diplomats are not exploiting it. U.S. copyright, as cumbersome as it is, would not be a problem if Washington quietly subsidized the purchase of texts it deems most influential and likely to stir up critical thinking. Imagine if the Bill of Rights, Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were included in every Kindle shipped to Iran or Belarus, “courtesy of your American friends and supporters”?

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