Stiamo freschi

Su Slate c’è un’intervista con Al Gore che sul climategate dà ancora le risposte più insoddisfacenti ed evasive del mondo, facendo a gara in scarsa credibilità con la sua simmetrica rivale da oggi Sarah Palin. Tra l’altro Gore sostiene tutto il tempo che le mail in discussione siano “di almeno dieci anni fa”, dimostrando di non sapere nemmeno cosa stia negando.

“I haven’t read all the e-mails, but the most recent one is more than 10 years old”.
“What we’re seeing is a set of changes worldwide that just make this discussion over 10-year-old e-mails kind of silly”

p.s. Thomas Friedman è di tutt’altra stoffa:

Frankly, I found it very disappointing to read a leading climate scientist writing that he used a “trick” to “hide” a putative decline in temperatures or was keeping contradictory research from getting a proper hearing. Yes, the climate-denier community, funded by big oil, has published all sorts of bogus science for years — and the world never made a fuss. That, though, is no excuse for serious climatologists not adhering to the highest scientific standards at all times.

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