A ripensarci

Mikhail Gorbaciov ricostruisce sul New York Times la storia della perestroika e con molte cautele comincia a suggerire che l’attuale leadership russa – che aveva finora appoggiato solidamente – dovrebbe cambiare rotta: “il fine giustifica i mezzi” è un concetto che al suo paese ha già creato abbastanza guai in passato.

For instance, all major decisions are now taken by the executive branch, with the Parliament rubber-stamping formal approval. The independence of the courts has been thrown into question. We do not have a party system that would enable a real majority to win while also taking the minority opinion into account and allowing an active opposition. There is a growing feeling that the government is afraid of civil society and would like to control everything.
We’ve been there, done that. Do we want to go back? I don’t think anyone does, including our leaders.

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