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Blogs are an important part of our news report. On big, running news stories, like the oil spill, the earthquake in Haiti, the elections and so forth, they offer readers the most important, up-to-the-minute developments. Prescriptions, our blog on the health care overhaul, is a great example. It became the go-to site for developments on the complex legislation. There was more material than could fit into a fixed number of news stories, and it gave an outlet to our reporters to share what they were learning on a fast-paced story with many different tentacles.

For events like sporting matches, Congressional hearings and political debates, we offer live blogging where our journalists report in real time what is happening or being said.

Some of our best blogs focus on the arts, fashion, food and technology, and offer our journalists and critics a less formal structure to share their reporting.

While the opinion side of The Times also has blogs, the news blogs exist to report and analyze, not to offer slanted “takes.” Times blogs are never personal diaries. All of our blogs are carefully edited, and we apply the same standards for accuracy and fairness to them.

(Jill Abramson, Managing Editor del New York Times)

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Dal 2010 gli articoli del Post sono sempre stati gratuiti e accessibili a tutti, e lo resteranno: perché ogni lettore in più è una persona che sa delle cose in più, e migliora il mondo.

E dal 2010 il Post ha fatto molte cose ma vuole farne ancora, e di nuove.
Puoi darci una mano abbonandoti ai servizi tutti per te del Post. Per cominciare: la famosa newsletter quotidiana, il sito senza banner pubblicitari, la libertà di commentare gli articoli.

È un modo per aiutare, è un modo per avere ancora di più dal Post. È un modo per esserci, quando ci si conta.

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