Things can only get better

Non tutto il riscaldamento globale viene per nuocere, dice Newsweek:

“Ignore the clamor, though, and you find surprises—some in stark contrast to the ambient gloom. Begin with the un-PC apostasy that rising temperatures might even be good news for some. Extreme dissidents point out that previous warm spells, notably in the Middle Ages, are associated with prosperity and the advance of civilization. When the weather changes, so do habits. Says Thomas Gale Moore of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California: “It’s absurd to believe that we live in the best of all possible times and that we can’t adjust.”

Or even prosper. Cold is a more deadly killer than heat. According to Moore, a 2.5 degree Celsius rise could reduce the annual death toll in the United States by 40,000 a year. Nations around the Arctic rim anticipate tapping natural resources now covered by polar ice as new trade routes cross the top of the world. Location is all. A ranking of most vulnerable countries produced by Columbia University in New York puts Sierra Leone and Bangladesh at the top, exposed by their poverty and location, Norway and Finland at the bottom. The former may be battered by drought and disease, while the latter may benefit from balmier temperatures—whether in terms of a longer agricultural growing season, say, or an upsurge in tourism. And though many scientists warn of the northward march of scary tropical diseases, that’s not inevitable. Good sanitation and public health means often sweltering Singapore is free of malaria. The problem is poverty, not climate”


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