Paesi liberi

Il video della manifestazione olandese di qualche giorno fa in cui veniva gridato lo slogan “Hamas, Hamas, gli ebrei nelle camere a gas”. Sotto, ho incollato il commento di un olandese che ne spiega qualcos’altro.


Okay, so I am dutch and I know about Harry van Bommel (he is a complete fucking moron btw, embarressing our nation by having to be dragged out of an establishment by his feet because he got too damn wasted or groping a female employee of the jordanian embassay) of the socialist party. But don’t let the name ‘socialist’ fool you. There is nothing ‘social’ about them, more antisocial of you ask me. The party was called socialist because communist had a negative sound to it. It was formed out of three former dutch communist parties and the big leader (jan marijnissen) is a huge admirer of Mao Zedong (aka the Chinese massmurderer).

Those people chanting allahu akbar and hamas hamas joden aan het gas (jews to the gas) should be kicked out of my country immediately! 
I am terribly ashamed to see dutch people protesting against Israel. But I have been terribly ashamed by my countrymen for many years already.

What is better? A democratic country without sentences and practises like: the chopping of hands and feet, crusifixtions, stoning to death, female genital mutilation and the discrimination of non muslim. OR a country who has a doctrine which mandates all of those things and more?

If I look at these people they are choosing the latter and I hope that one day those people will truly undergo those sentences. Maybe then they will see what stupidities they committed.

Stelletje ongelooflijke tering debielen!

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