Non c’è niente di male a essere buoni

L’impressione è che la prospettiva che il giornalismo si trasferisca online armi e bagagli stia sollecitando una maggior maturità di quello che online già si fa: un senso di responsabilità del ruolo, ora che la rete non potrà più essere l’asilo dei bambini. Roger Ebert sul Chicago Sun-Times fa autocritica sul linguaggio.

Snarking is cultural vandalism. I have arrived at this conclusion belatedly. I have been guilty of snarking, and of enjoying snarks. In the matter of snarking, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But it has grown entirely out of hand. It is time to put away childish things. I must restore my balance, view the world in a fair way, hope to inspire more appreciation than ridicule. No doubt there will always be a role for snarking, given the proper target and an appropriate venue, and I reserve the right to snark when it is deserved, as in certain movie reviews. But in general I must become more well-behaved. 
A snarker is one who snarks. The word is said to be a combination of snide and remark. There are slithering undertones of shark, bark, and stark. There is also, for me, an association with snipe. The practice involves holding someone up to ridicule not so much for anything they actually did, as for having the presumption to be who they are.

It’s important sometimes to be reminded that it’s okay to admire. To praise. To enjoy yourself. To admit to having a good time. To not care about what other, snarkier, people might say. I need to keep in mind the words of Robert Warshow I like to quote: A man goes to the movies. The critic must be honest enough to admit he is that man. I watched the Oscar program. I thought it was the best I’ve seen. So that’s what I think, and if you don’t agree, you can go snark yourself.

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