Il senno di poi, everybody

Divertente e rivelatore pezzo del New York Times sul fatto che comunque vadano le elezioni, sapevamo come sarebbero andate.

Amid the many uncertainties of next Tuesday’s presidential election lies one sure thing: Many people will feel in their gut that they knew the result all along. Not only felt it coming, but swear they predicted it beforehand — remember? — and probably more than once.
These analysts won’t be hard to find. They will most likely include (in addition to news media pundits) neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives, as well as the person whose reflection appears in the glare of the laptop screen. Most will also have a ready-made argument for why it was inevitable that Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama, won — displaying the sort of false, after-the-fact “foresight” that psychologists call hindsight bias.

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    e comunque le migliori canzoni di Joe Jackson sono Real men e down to London, oltre naturalmente a Left of center scritta insieme a Suzanne Vega. e’ ora che qualcuno cominci a dirle chiaramente, queste cose.

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